Connect.shipglobal - How it works?

How it works?


Q: What is connect.shipglobal?
A: Connect.shipglobal is a powerful shipping tool designed to streamline and enhance the shipping process, especially for Amazon sellers. It offers features such as seamless integration with Amazon Seller Central, multi-marketplace support, and automated tracking updates.

Q: How does connect.shipglobal integrate with Amazon Seller Central?
A: The integration is seamless. Users can effortlessly link their Amazon Seller Central account to connect.shipglobal, allowing for efficient retrieval of order data and simplifying the overall shipping workflow.

Q: Can I manage orders from multiple Amazon marketplaces using connect.shipglobal?
A: Absolutely. Connect.shipglobal supports multi-marketplace integration, consolidating data from various Amazon marketplaces and accounts into one central location for convenient order management.

Q: Is connect.shipglobal user-friendly for creating shipping labels?
A: Yes, creating shipping labels is a breeze with connect.shipglobal. The tool provides an easy-to-use interface for the effortless generation of shipping labels, contributing to a smoother fulfillment process.

Q: Can I print AWB directly through connect.shipglobal?
A: The tool streamlines order fulfillment by providing a simplified process for printing ShipGlobal Air Waybills (AWBs). This feature contributes to a more efficient and organized shipping process.

Q: Is connect.shipglobal compliant with Amazon regulations?
A: Yes, connect.shipglobal is fully compliant with Amazon's regulations. Users can rest assured that the tool adheres to the necessary standards, contributing to a secure and trustworthy shipping environment.

Q: Is connect.shipglobal free?
A: Absolutely Free!

Q: How to connect with the support team?
A: Here is the support link. We are one call away! You can also fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.