About Us

Welcome to ShipGlobal - we make Global Shipping Easy!

ShipGlobal US - Your trusted partner in business logistics, every step of the way! With our world-class domestic and international shipping and delivery services, we strive to bring down the middle mile and last-mile international delivery costs for your business.

Who we are

ShipGlobal US is a team of experienced professionals who had set up FirstFlight USA, 20 years ago, starting a dream run with fashion district in Midtown Manhattan before spreading its wings across the country. 

ShipGlobal US brings the same personal care and meticulous attention to every single shipment as its predecessor, which made us one of the most reliable domestic and international shipping partners, immensely trusted by the business community.

From just being a friend around the corner to one of the largest networks around the world as a domestic as well as cross-border e-commerce enabler- our journey is nothing but a series of success stories written by a team effort and the smiles of our partners and customers.

What we Do

Simplicity, convenience, reliability, and accountability- With offices and network servicing the entire USA and the world.

We believe in connecting the world through efficient and affordable domestic and international shipping, logistics, warehousing, and delivery solutions from the shipper to the end recipient.

With our experienced team spread worldwide, we provide not just high competency but are also able to achieve a consistently error-free service. Our dedicated team of professionals are well aware of the local laws and customs regulations and will be more than happy to guide you through the process for a seamless, click-through experience.

We understand the pressure on your sales margins like no one does! We are exclusive Amazon seller partners as well as all prominent e-Commerce companies with a global presence like e-Bay, Walmart, and several others, creating a strong presence as delivery partners across the value chain. From the first mile shipment to the last mile delivery, our focus has always been on providing the most economical solution to your B2B or B2C business requirements.

How it all works out for you

Not just a shipping services company but a value-added partner to your business!

ShipGlobal is a knowledge-based shipping and logistics services company, providing world-class services at economical prices! 

The ever-expanding markets we operate in across various countries are served by an experienced and knowledgeable shipping industry team. We know the markets and the countries we operate in as much as you do, making your logistics process an integral and seamless part of your overall business operations.

It is our goal to bring the best of all the worlds closer. Today we are considered as one of the fastest delivery services from the USA and Canada to any part of India, the UAE, the KSA, Singapore, Turkey, UK, Europe, Brazil, and the rest of the world. Our innovative cross-border E-Commerce Solutions and Services can help you achieve higher customer service standards, leading to not just higher sales, but building a brand!

Our motto is simple: Making Global Shipping Easy, because

Your Growth is our Growth, and Your Business is our Passion!

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