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For the aims this high, you need wings that you could bank upon!

ShipGlobal offers time-bound, cost-saving options for your air cargo and urgent freight requirements with unfailing reliability and unmatched professionalism.

ShipGlobal is your dependable air-freight services partner with unfailing flexibility to adapt to your changing business shipping needs. We provide the best air freight rates and professional experience with high service standards for all your logistics challenges and innovative solutions.

With our highest work ethic, in-depth industry knowledge, economical rates, and uncompromising personalized customer service, our team is always ahead of issues, taking the frustrations and hassles of international shipping out of the process. Our team is ready and able to handle and cover any logistics scenario with professionalism, accuracy, and attention to detail.

A single point of contact for all your shipping worries

We understand the business objectives of our clients as much as they do. Our attention to detail and expertise in various countries can help you pick up the best air freight rates in the category with the fastest transit time. From handling the initial quote in a detailed and diligent manner to the tracking of shipment from first to the last mile, we provide you a single, experienced, and efficient point of contact at ShipGlobal. Coupled with online tracking and real-time updates, our Air Freight services offer the fastest, easiest, and most economical way of reaching out to your domestic and international clientele.

Transparent and Proactive Tracking

Track your shipments at all stages with our proactive customer service and real-time tracking facility. From the first mile to the last mile, our air-freight services team will ensure your shipment is on schedule and will also provide you timely communications on the status of your freight.

Experienced and Efficient Team

From handling the initial quote in a detailed and diligent manner to the tracking of shipment from origin till final destination, you get a single, experienced, and efficient point of contact at ShipGlobal. Our professional team understands your business objectives as much as you do, and our attention to detail and expertise in various countries help you pick up the best air freight rates in the category with the fastest transit time.

Coupled with our Express Services, ShipGlobal aims to provide you a highly customized, cost-effective, and comprehensive solutions for all your air-shipping requirements.

A Team that becomes a part of your global business plans

Team ShipGlobal averaging over 20 years of experience has all the expertise at hand when it comes to air cargo services you need. We have maintained strong relationships across the supply chain that helps lower the air freight costs while providing exceptional customer support. Customized, cost-efficient air freight solutions with every shipment given the individual attention to detail and flexibility in terms of consolidation schedules across destinations worldwide.

Extended and Reliable ShipGlobal network spanning across continents

As a global air freight forwarder, we can leverage the supporting network of our partner shipping and logistics service providers spread across all continents. We help you get the most effective coverage with Canada, UK, Europe, Brazil, Turkey, UAE, KSA, Singapore, and India, keeping your shipment in our network from the first mile to the last mile.

When you want a fast and efficient shipping method that is particularly valuable to businesses that need to get products to international customers expeditiously and effectively, ShipGlobal is a global air freight services provider that serves all major business centers throughout the world.

Explore being the part of world-class domestic and international air freight and logistics services company that combines decades of experience, an expansive global network, and a broad global air-freight portfolio customized to deliver on your ever-growing and demanding supply chain needs.

ShipGlobal gives your business a chance to take a flight or going the distance.

Complete documentation Support for Exports & Imports

Our experienced team handles all the customs clearance, security, license requirements, compliance with other local regulations, and the documentation requirements for your international shipments. All you have to do is focus on your sales while we handle the rest of the supply chain management for you! Our team is known to have gone above and beyond to keep the critical information handy for international shipments that require to maintain a tight schedule.

With our vast knowledge of customs brokerage and relationships across more than 60 countries, we can help reduce delays and costs involved in clearing customs.

Airfreight Service by ShipGlobal - We cover the distances for you!

Check out the range of air freight services to suit every kind of budget and requirement

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Overnight Freight Services

Overnight Freight Services 

Time Definite Express Service 


Consolidation and Direct-to-Consignee Service


Door-to Door and Airport- to- Airport Service

One to three or three to five working days services

We offer businesses much-valued reliability when it comes to door-to-door air freight services to major cities around the world.

As our customer, you can choose global logistics coverage with speed, flexibility, and value. We have value-added service options for convenient yet simplified air freight shipment processing - be it palletized or loose shipments. ShipGlobal combines speed, flexibility, and value with worldwide pick-up, collection, delivery, and customs clearance for convenient, hassle-free shipping.